About Travel & Cuisine


We are a Sevillian company born in 2008 with the aim of bringing local and international cuisine to foreign tourists and the local public. We offer the possibility of experiencing unique greastronomic experiences to get closer to other cultures and to know our history better through its flavors.

From a very special location, we arrange practical cooking workshops, gourmet product tastings, private dinners and showcookings, gastronomic teambuilding activities and the possibility of having for you the perfect place for private parties and product launchings.

In Travel & Cuisine, satisfying our clients desires is what really matters.
Listening to your needs and advising you from the first moment is the key to achieve a good harmony and that our services are a success. For this, we always work taking into account some essential values that guarantee the quality of our services.


It is very important for us to provide impeccable services in form and time, achieving our goals efficiently.


The direct contact with clients is essential to find out what they want and make it possible.


We try to adapt to the tastes and demands of our clients, as well as to unexpected things that may naturally come up.


Getting to know well the client is the most important thing to achieve our goals. We always look at things from their point of view, so that everything is fine.


Great doses of creativity to arrange unique and original events, courses and dishes.

The team

In Travel and Cuisine we have a young, creative and multi-disciplinary team of experts in restoration, tourism and management.

This fact has let us diversify our services to provide tailor-made solutions for private clients and for companies. We turn events into a great success, combining a quality service with a customized and exquisite treatment.

Chef Amelia

My name is Amelia and I am passionate about cooking, Spanish historical traditions and traveling.

That´s why 12 years ago I changed my professional life and I started a new path following my dreams about cooking and sharing my knowledge about traditional Spanish cuisine.

That´s why I founded Travel & Cuisine, my cooking studio, in Seville from where I teach the secrets of the Spanish cuisine to whom that wants to discover a foodie world full of flavors and history.

Besides, since the begining, I have collaborated with chefs from different nationalities to transmit their own culinary traditions to local Sevillian people. In that sense, from my studio, we also reveal the bases to make the perfect sushi, the authentic Italian pizza and pasta or the techniques to make at home a Moroccan tadjine, just to mention a few.

Briefing, I have created a foodie worldwide cooking studio from where to travel through our common passion, food.  Becouse food, eating and cooking are things that connect us, human beings, all over the world.

Since I started until now I have created as well a catering company, a chef-at-home service, an allergens-free pastry shop and several team-work programs for companies based on the cooking competitions. I have also collaborated with the regional TV shows called “Salud al día” and “Consumo cuidado” and with the Polish food writer Monika Bien- Konigsman in her cooking book “Entre amigos”, focused on her selection of tapas in Spain to present her view of Spanish lifestyle to Polish people.

Since 2019, I usually participate also with Extenda in its programs around the world to promote the very best of the Andalusian cuisine, its unique food and products and our genuine lyfestyle.