Cutting Iberian Ham

The Iberian ham is a unique product in the world and of a great importance in the culinary culture of Andalusia. In fact, our region is one of the largest producers and has appellations of origin such as Huelva Ham or Pedroches Ham.

The activity

A quality Iberian ham is distinguished from the rest in aspects such as texture, flavor and aroma. In this activity we show you first-hand all the secrets and peculiarities that surround the world of the Iberian.

The activity consists of a theoretical-practical class on the Iberian ham and its cut. Three varieties of ham will be taste according to their diet to perceive their organoleptic
differences and to be able to distinguish them to each other.

In addition you will enjoy a lunch or dinner in our terrace while you drink some of the best wines of Jerez.


What is Iberian ham? Races and purity.

Production areas.

Identification of the different categories of Iberian ham.

Parts of the ham and cutting techniques of each one.

Tools to cut an Iberian ham well.

Practical introduction to the cut of Iberian ham.