Olive oil tasting

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one of the pillars in the Spanish cuisine. But, what is exactly the extra virgin olive oil and how is obtained? What is the difference between the extra virgin olive oil and other vegetable oils? What is the importance of the extra virgin olive oil in the Spanish cuisine and its health benefits?

The activity

In this activity we propose to discover the secrets of the extra virgin olive oil, how its main organoleptic characteristics are identified and what applications they have in the kitchen. Our Chef will prepare for you a cooking demonstration with different extra virgin olive oils, so that you will experience in the mouth everything that you are learning during the tasting.

All this in an incomparable setting in front of the Cathedral and the Giralda of Seville.


What extra virgin olive oil is?

Areas of production and types of olives.

Different quality of extra virgin olive oil.

Organoleptic profile of each type of AOVE.

How to complete a tasting sheet.

How to use the correct type of oil in your day-a-day cuisine.