Tapas tours

“Tapas tour” in Seville represents a strong tradition.  Moreover, the best tapas bars are located at the funnest and most beautiful neighborhoods of the city. Thus, our guides will arrange a private tour downtown through narrow streets of the Santa Cruz neighborhood,  making several stops in the way to enjoy the best tapas in town like Sevillians do.


In Travel & Cuisine we organize tapas tours so you can enjoy a guided walk through the center of Seville and know some of the favourite spots of the local public, which often go unnoticed by tourists.

We invite you to discover the history of Andalusia through its flavors and the basic ingredients of its cuisine. A fun group activity of about three hours that will make you enjoy the customs of the city and you feel like one more Sevillian.

You can choose between two different tours: “Typical Andalusian food“, intended for those who want to get closer to the most traditional dishes of the region, or “Tradition and design in Andalusian cuisine“, which includes more innovative recipes of the current cuisine and the usual flavors.

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