Team building

In Travel & Cuisine we organize for companies fun team building activities like a cooking contest. Divided in teams, people compete to prepare the best dishes from certain given recipes and ingredients during two hours.The judges will evaluate the cleanliness, presentation, originality, team work and taste and then choose the winners!


We have a perfect culinary activity for groups in which the attendants have to demonstrate their skill in the kitchen. This is a cooking contest in the style of the popular TV show “Masterchef”.

To carry it out, several teams are created and we assign to each of them a cook-monitor to guide when preparing the dishes. But they will be only indications and he won’t cook because, that is the exclusive task of the participants!

Once the set cooking time has elapsed, the leaders of each group present the dishes to the jury. In addition, they should give a short description of both the history and the ingredients of each dish to demonstrate that they have assimilated the knowledge that the monitor has transmitted. At the time of deliberation the jury will take into account flavor, presentation, cleaning or execution time.

And when the competition is over, it’s time to relax and enjoy the dishes at an informal lunch of all participants.