Yoga & Cuisine

Take care of yourself inside and outside

1 hour and a quarter of kundalini yoga session + 2 hours of healthy cooking in our workshop.

In each session kriyas, pranayama, mantras and meditation are conducted by Professor Akal Ravi Kaur (Marta Millán).

You will learn how to cook an Ayurvedic recipe and 3 vegetarian recipes and many tips and tricks to take advantage of the healthy properties of food. All this is done by the chef of Travel & Cuisine, Amelia Gómez.


Series to acquire a healthy instestinal system.

Meditation as you feed on prana.

Gift Dossier with exercises.


Golden milk (ayurveda).

Hummus with ginger.

The secrets of milk and vegetable cheeses.

Cream of tomato and beet on guacamole.

Quinoa taboulé.

* This is a sample menu. We elaborate different proposals for each session.