Cata de aceite

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the most important pillar of the Spanish cuisine. This is a fact, but you might not to know what it truly is, and its the current method to get it, which makes this golden liquid so good for your health.


A letter from Chef Amelia to you: “I´m a passionate of extra virgin olive oil. I cannot understand the traditions and the gastronomy of my country without this golden liquid, as well as cannot think of any of my family recipes with it either. That´s why I feel I need to share with you all the knowledge I got through all these years of studying and tasting myself that led me to be able to choose the best EVOO, from my personal and professional point of view, for each culinary technique or preparation. Shall we start?” Chef Amelia.

We will also learn by tasting how some food could be enhanced by adding EVOO:

  • Tomato & avocado.
  • Warm bread and aromatics.
  • Chocolate ice cream.

Drinks: water, red wine, white wine, beer.

Lasting: 2 hours and a half.

Morning suggested timing: 11:00 – 13:30 (we can adapt to your program upon request if there´s availability).

Afternoon suggested timing: 17:30 – 20:00 (we can adapt to your program upon request if there´s availability).


Extra Virgin Olive Oil : What does it really mean EVOO?

Areas and method of production. Type of olives to make EVOO.

Quality in olive oil : extra virgin olive oil, virgin olive oil, regular olive oil, refined olive oil.

Organoleptic characteristics of EVOO.

How to taste EVOO like a pro.

Proper culinary uses of the extra virgin olive oil..